Useful Links

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

The largest mental illness association of Australia, MIF is active in advocacy and awareness raising, as well as in the provision of support to sufferers and carers, running day centres and residential accommodation. Most interestingly, it also runs employment and placement services for patients as well as clubhouses to provide recreation and support.

Rethink (formerly the National Schizophrenia Fellowship) (UK)

Rethink is a British voluntary organisation that helps people with a severe mental illness, their families and carers. It campaigns for better services for the mentally ill and for greater understanding of the problems caused by severe mental illness, particularly schizophrenia and related conditions.

World Health Organisation – Mental Health


The WHO websites provide links to descriptions of activities, reports, news and events, as well as contacts and cooperating partners in the various WHO programmes and offices working on this topic.

World Federation for Mental Health

The World Federation for Mental Health is the only international, multidisciplinary, grassroots advocacy and education organization concerned with all aspects of mental health.

UNAFAM-Union Nationale des Amis et Famille de Malades Psychiques

French association for counselling, helpline, support, self-help and information for families and friends of mental illness patients.


French association for scientific cooperation dedicated to mental illnesses. Has useful information links and discussions

Google Alerts

You can subscribe to Google Alerts by mail on international press articles concerning mental illnesses.