We offer the following services:

  • We run a Day Centre which provides therapeutic activities and social interaction to the beneficiaries who attend the centre from Monday to Friday.  Therapeutic activities such as: individual psychological support, group therapy, music therapy, sports activities, art and creativity, relaxation and outings amongst others are provided.


  • Hopeway: We offer “training for work” programmes to beneficiaries who have become sufficiently stable and fit after attending the Day Centre. The beneficiaries are then referred to as ‘trainee’ and mark significant progress. By further reinforcing the trainee’s capabilities, we facilitate his or her social and professional integration through the following workshops:
  • Second-hand bookshop, Au Bonheur des Livres, providing adapted part-time employment to several persons
  • Arts & Crafts workshop
  • Maintenance and gardening workshop
  • Kitchen and catering workshop


  • Counselling by telephone or by appointment for persons suffering from mental illnesses and their families.


  • Destigmatize mental illnesses through the organisation of activities and events, through media interviews, seminars or talks for our members, private companies and the general public.