Worrying symptoms

Something is not quite right with someone close to you?

Do not delay, seek help to fight mental illness!

Get the opinion of a doctor as soon as possible if a person close to you is behaving in a strange manner.

Refer to the list below for some examples:

1. Isolates himself from his family, his friends, his colleagues, and stays away from school or work.

2. Does not sleep well and has no appetite

3. Sleeps during the day and is awake and agitated during the night

4. Is preoccupied by bizarre ideas linked to politics, death or religion

5. Neglects appearance and personal hygiene and family responsibilities

6. Deterioration of output at school or work, resigns from work without any reason

7. Has difficulties to concentrate during a conversation or cannot remember things that happened recently

8. Talks or writes about incoherent things.

9. Is extremely anxious or depressed and speaks of suicide

10. Seems unable to have emotions

11. Change of character, becomes apathetic, excited or agitated

12. Laughs when he receives bad news

13. Hears voices that other people cannot hear

14. Thinks that other people are against him, are spying on him, gets angry without reason against certain people

15. Thinks that people want to harm him or make him do things against his will

16. Says that he receives messages from the television, the radio, or from the devil etc..

17. Thinks that he has special powers, for example that he is the Prime Minister, a priest, a politician or a scientist.

18. Thinks that people are interfering with his thoughts and that he can influence others

19. Spends a lot of money irrationally.