Executive Committee

The association is managed by an Executive Committee elected by its members. The Committee is mostly made up of relatives of patients, and of persons from the social, communication, management and financial fields.

Therapy and administrative team

The proper functioning of an association which specializes in the support of mentally ill persons requires a team of professionals. The therapy team is composed of a Principal Rehabilitation Officer, a Clinical Psychologist, two Rehabilitation Officers, an Assistant Rehabilitation Officer, and an Occupational Therapist. The administration team provides the necessary administrative support to the therapy team and consists of a manager and an administrative secretary.

This team benefits from the help of regular volunteers for all its activities.

Besides, it enjoys the support of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, as well as that of the press and communication professionals.


The association is now located at 4 Victor Hugo Street, Beau Bassin.


In addition, the solidarity bookstore Au Bonheur des Livres, which sells second hand books to the public is located at London Plazza, Vacoas.